Conscious Agility: Conscious Capitalism + Business Agility = Antifragility

Fully rooted in decades of practice across many industries, Conscious Agility is a design-thinking approach for evolving business ecosystems. This book introduces readers to the conceptual underpinnings and provides a practical approach for undertaking a Conscious Agility initiative.

What is at the heart of the approach?

Maximum value for an organization is not accomplished through a prescribed set of mechanics and practices or the construction of a facade designed to enhance “culture.” Instead, these constructs exist only to support the stakeholders who are truly responsible for both creating and consuming value. While others seek to improve results by focusing change efforts on mechanics or crafting “culture facades,” Conscious Agility aims to achieve fundamental change by completely shifting the focus to the stakeholders and what it is that they value, both as individuals and collectively. Conscious Agility is change powered by the Human Element and open and respectful of proven and existing practices.

Conscious Agility — which emerges from Conscious CapitalismBusiness AgilityAntifragility — integrates awareness with intuition, orientation, and improvisation so that individuals and collectives may benefit from uncertainty, disorder, and the unknown.

Who will benefit?

Conscious Agility provides leaders, change agents, and practitioners with a means to confront challenges and seize opportunities within and across perspectives – people, culture, leadership, organization, strategy, structure, process, efficiency, portfolios, programs, projects, products, services, brand, creativity, innovation, etc.